Non-degree Professional programs

  • Recognized for premium-quality, innovative programs
  • Participant-centered learning tailored to your company
  • Top-class teaching using a diversity of methods
  • Fully customizable and flexible programming
  • Proven, relatable, and applicable content
  • Sessions coordinated to enrich the learning experience
    Designed to elicit creativity, innovation, and resilience

Hitotsubashi ICS has longstanding and deep expertise in highly effective and innovative professional education, leadership development, and managerial training for Japanese and international corporations. We are recognized in Japan and across the region for the premium quality and personally interactive nature of these programs.

As Japan and its labor market globalize more and more, companies in our region and from around the world are seeking to prepare their employees for developmental change. Hitotsubashi ICS is a leader in cultivating such readiness in managers and executives wishing to position their companies for growth, agility, and resilience.

Participant-centered learning

Hitotsubashi ICS’ non-degree professional programs, whether of customized or open enrollment models, are designed and run with the participants firmly at the center. Far from taking a one-size-fits-all approach, our instructors coordinate among program sessions to optimize the relatability and applicability of content, creating a rich “student” experience. Program participants enjoy interactive discussions with our faculty, and benefit from one-to-one interaction in coaching sessions.

… with the best teaching

We teach the latest research-proven management knowledge, to each one of our professional program participants. Hitotsubashi ICS faculty are united in their deep commitment and dedication to excellence as instructors and facilitators. Across subject areas and disciplines, their sessions are stimulating, inspiring, and fun. In these programs, our instructors use a variety of teaching methods and approaches such as outdoors team-building, lively and interactive classroom discussions, field and company visits, and project-based learning.

… customized with creativity

Most of our non-degree professional programs are formulated for, and tailored to, leading global companies. We adapt the curriculum, pace, sequence, and other program features to the human resource development needs and corporate calendars of these companies. And going one step further, we take these factors into account as fuel for creativity and inspiration in designing the right program for each company.